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Consequently, Napoleon betrayed the ideas of the French Revolution: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.The French Revolution in many ways was a product of the Enlightenment Era gone awry.The Third Estate was the most displeased and discriminated class.As citizens unite with a common desire, the pride created can topple even the most controlling of regimes.The French Revolution was different than everywhere else in Europe.The Tennis Court Oath, storming of the Bastille, passage of the Declaration on the Rights of Man and Citizen, and an unprecedented assault on Versailles as well as the use of the guillotine defined the spirit and historical meaning of the French Revolution.

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If you need help writing a research paper on the French Revolution and its causes,.At the time, the government was in a serious deficit resulting in great taxations.

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Due to the significance of the tumultuous political and social overhaul that took place, many stances have been taken on interpreting the revolution.One of the major dilemmas was the French government inability to collect the sufficient amount of taxes from the people.Although French citizens like her personality and beauty a lot, but Austria and France were enemies during that time.The French Revolution Kenneth Milton History104 World Civilization 11 Professor.

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As it was, they could not afford to pay the taxes that were already required of them.One of the mess of the budgetary issues of France was the American Revolution.The commoners of France wanted change and equality throughout France so they separated from the Estates General and formed their own government to govern France.The first estate consisted of the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church.

To do this they had to gain power within the government and make changes, such as, improving the tax system, creating a fair system of production where profits went to the producer, improving the whole economic system of the government, and plus many more.During the Russian revolution there was a war going on between the red army and the white army, the civil war was also going on which cause many problems in Russia.The third estate had already caused many different outbreaks in France in attempt to rebel against King Louis.It disseminated to the rest of the European continent during the 18th century (The Enlightenment Overview 1).Many of the ideas they pursued stemmed from the enlightenment and they believed that in order to gain their full economic, social and political potential and gain equality, the Bourgeoisie had to eradicate the privileges that were halting their rise in society.

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The slow increase of available money allowed for new opportunities and the growth of the economy.The Estates-General was made up of the three estates of the political system of France, which was called the Old Regime.In areas of agriculture, manufacturing, and trade, there were great downturns.In 1775, Louis XV died, and gave his throne to Louis Auguste, so he became Louis XVI.Perhaps it was none of those reasons but because of a language sweeping that nation of France that calls the bourgeoisie, the foundation of the nation that was France, into action.So because of this unfair treatment and their knowledge of enlightened thought, the Bourgeoisie sought to put an end to the classes and their lack of representation by forming the National Assembly.King Louis XVI, in his attempts to consolidate his authority and lessen the power of the aristocrats, had planned out an intendant system.

The role that King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette had before and during the revolution was a key factor in starting the revolution.His family had ruled France for many years, however King Louis XVI, was an ill-suited leader who lost his country to the National Assembly.Through land and tax reforms, revolutionaries decreased the national debt, and eventually were able to gain sufficient income to operate the country effectively.The relationship between Rousseau and the French Revolution, however, may require some further research years prior to the revolution.During the French revolution, France went through countless reforms by switching back and forth from republics to dictatorships.Cause Of French Revolution Essays and Term Papers. The major cause of was the disputes between the different types of social classes in French society.They resented the privileges and rights of the nobility and clergy and persisted their demand for a larger role in state affairs.The people of the revolution wanted France to establish a new political and social system where all people could enjoy equality, and pushed for government centralization, abolition of feudalism, religious tolerance and equality in the access.

To understand how this complex series of factors affected people of the time it is crucial to understand the texts directly from that period.Neither could find a compromise, or a solution to their conflicts.The Causes Of The French Revolution Of 1789. by our professional essay writers.

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The nobles and clergy rejected paying any further taxes and the peasants believed that they could not maintain adequate living standards if the increase of taxes persisted.The origins of the decade long revolution are complex and interconnected between the economic, social, religious, and intellectual.

In the next three years, the French overthrew their monarch and established a government and constitution that promised equal rights for all.The workers keep getting paid less and less, taxed more and more and declining harvests mean they must pay more for bread.Napoleon has been said to be a great tactician and strategist in war which was essentially why he was able to progress through the ranks of military also while becoming a national hero.

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In the events leading up to the Revolution, King Louis XIV of France had continually put problematic matters off until they called for immediate action.

There lived the rich people whom lived off of themselves and their businesses that they owned, which granted them noble power.Causes Of The French Revolution Essays: Over 180,000 Causes Of The French Revolution Essays,.He helped stabilize the French economy and made the franc the highest currency in all of Europe at the time.

But what were the French celebrating, the capture of Bastille and the deaths of ninety eight people through a violent uprising.Though the patriots preached of equality for all, slavery still existed in America for nearly a century and women remained remarkably oppressed even to this day.All of this coupled with economic depression from ongoing wars and lavishness by the Royal Family resulted in several movements that lead to the enlightenment, which ultimately spurred the revolution.The church collected a tithe which accounted for ten percent of all agricultural production, all of which was exempt from taxation.The Assembly wanted a constitutional monarchy, one that had equal rights for all citizens of France (8, 659-660).The French Revolution and American Revolution drastically changed political thinking.

Women did not have many rights or much of a voice before the Revolution, but when it started they were able to give opinions and it kept them from giving up on the Revolution.Corruption in power and the rise in inequality was another major cause of the revolution,.Either way, the number of jobs was declining with each passing year, and the government was failing to provide new opportunities to poverty-stricken families.They had spent huge sums of money on the French and Indian War, and the king and nobility consumed much money to keep up with their lavish lifestyles.With this monarchial system, each king of France from 1610 to 1789 would contribute in both positive and negative ways, depending greatly on the Chief Ministers they appointed.Napoleon was able to achieve the states of legend for some, who thought that he had rescued France and the French Revolution from internal chaos and exterior threats.