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When multiple social identities are at stake for each communication interaction, how would one continue to accommodate with multiple social identities.Read Communication Accommodation Theory Negotiating Personal Relationships and Social Identities across Contexts by with Kobo.

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This process may be considered as a combination of both convergence and divergence in some situations.Members of different groups have to utilize these strategies in order to achieve communication competence.

When a patient goes to his or her doctor, CAT will enable the doctor to converge to the communication needs of that patient and that of the families.

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While communicating there will be similarity and difference in the speech and behaviour.

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Both aspects infer if the speaker is willing to switch how they talk and gestures to accomplish their social identity goals.Definition of Communication Accommodation Theory: Proposed by Howard Giles, professor of communication at the University.Divergence -the process contradicts the method of adaptation and in this context the individual emphasise is on the social difference and nonverbal differences between the interactants.

The reason behind this behaviour is explained as to control the social differences between the interactants.The relationship between awareness and research tasks such as self-reporting is important here.These results are discussed in context of previous research, communication accommodation theory, and general process model for gendered language.

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The communication strategies of CAT would be ideal to implement.Cognitive Dissonance Theory - Discord Between Behavior and Belief.Figuring out the right words and how to say it expresses the notion of effectively communicating their needs to that of their interlocutor(s).People accommodated their communication while interacting with a person who has higher standards and other characteristics which they believe is better than them.

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Another goal of this paper is to discuss some of the themes and issues raised by a reading of the other papers as a set.Communication accommodation theory is expected to improve the standards of the health and safety of patients and possibly families.

The Communication Accommodation Theory states when people interact they alter their speech to fit in or accommodate for other.In an organisation the communication accommodation can be used to communicate effectively among the employees as well as they adapt while communicating to a senior employee.One of these studies was conducted by Watson and Gallois of the.First, the degree to which communicators are aware of various language and communication strategies, especially accommodation strategies, is considered.

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For example if the patient talks slowly, the doctor will speak at the same rate of the patient to ensure that the patient understands what is going on.

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In this situation mike accommodated his behaviour according to the situation and thus could create an impression on his senior officer.Western Journal of Communication, 56 (Winter 1992), 37-53 The Effects of Speech Rate Similarity on Compliance: Application of Communication Accommodation Theory.Howard Giles, the professor of communication at the University of California, developed the theory which is and according to him is when people try to emphasis or minimize the social difference between the others whom they interact with.Howard Giles is a professor of communication. communication accommodation theory, and has diverse research interests in the areas of applied intergroup.

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T1 - The Role of Nonverbal Communication Behaviors in Clinical Trial and Research Study Recruitment.Individuals are faced with many problems when it comes to communicating their needs with their interactant(s).

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Its very better for every student of m.a English its really useful. thanks alot.In-Groups and Out-Groups: Reflects attraction to groups to which we are not members and creation of our group.Convergence is defined as changing the norms that individuals are normally associated with toward others they encounter on an everyday basis.

Generally, there is a framework behind why people say what they say and how to whom they are interacting with, regardless if it will produce a positive or negative social or personal outcome.For instance, people will slow down the rate of their speech and or vocabulary if they are talking to an elderly person or a very young child.