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The culture and goals of an organization determine which leadership style fits the firm best.However, whatever types of leadership style a business person takes on, it is important to remember that in.Ismail et al. (2010) refer to consultative leadership and participative leadership as humanistic- based leadership styles.In this essay, we will compare advantages and disadvantages of the first two styles of leadership enlisted above.

In the company pivotal point, Burns led several business teams to include the color and office network printing business.A good leader encourages the team to perform to their optimum all the time and drives organisational success.Merkel made multiple attempts with banks and governments to reform policies to prevent taxpayers from absorbing the burden of paying bailouts to the indebted countries.

While further research has identified more distinct types of leadership, this early study was very influential and established three major leadership styles.The employees, on the contrary, know their work and are willing to be part of the decision making team (Philip, 2003).A leader is someone who individuals look up to for guidance and support.

Big Five personality traits, Blackstone Group, Blackstone Valley.Rank yourself on a scale of 1-10 for each style on the grid attached.These traits can help an organization identify potential candidates who may be strong leaders.This style was first described during the late 1970s and later expanded upon by researcher Bernard M. Bass. Some of the key characteristics of his style of leadership are the abilities to motivate and inspire followers and to direct positive changes in groups.Several different leadership styles can be used within an organization.

Some companies offer several leadership styles within the organization.

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The styles of leadership that other styles are based off of are the authoritarian, democratic, and laissez-faire.Concerning the definition of leadership, there are numerous statements in all kinds of books as well as articles.Richard Boyatzis and Annie. Mc. Kee), Goleman introduces six leadership styles.

In other words, a team can achieve more when working cooperatively rather than working individually.Leadership Styles Read the following chapters in Leadership.Authoritative style, for instance, can be used on a new staff member who is in the process of learning the job.

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Explains how autocratic leadership style adopted by a leader influences followers.Leadership is defined as a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a. way that makes it more cohesive and coherent.


Introduction Leadership is the process through which a person, in this case the leader, influences a group of people towards the realization of a common goal.

This may lead to information leak and even a possible conflict among the employees (Philip, 2003).The leader makes the final decision and the employees, who are his juniors or subordinates, implement the decision without any participation in the process of making it (Cliff et al, 2010).Finally, the delegating style involves taking a hands-off approach to leadership and allowing group members to make the majority of decisions.The decisions, the power and the planning are all concentrated on top leaders.Leadership styles have a direct and unique impact on the work environment and the success of an organization.The children were then led in an arts and crafts project while researchers observed the behavior of children in response to the different styles of leadership.