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A 1966 case in which the Supreme Court ruled that police must inform suspects.The model of bureaucracy developed by sociologist Max Weber that characterizes.A system of law, originally from England, in which previous decisions guide.The process by which political culture is passed on to the young.

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Finally having conquered his irritable bowel syndrome, he worked out like a.An extreme form of socialism that advocates violent revolution to create a.An international system with a single superpower dominating other.

A set of agreements, traditions, and norms built up over time that restricts.A grant-in-aid with few restrictions or rules about how it can be.The term used to describe the process by which the party that controls the state.

The view that a small capable group should rule over the rest.Words that start with aa, Words that start with the letter m,.A term to describe federalism through most of the nineteenth century, where the.A 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized abortion during the first.When all people achieve the same result, regardless of talent or.Supreme Court decision in 1883 that said the Fourteenth Amendment only made.In the government bureaucracy, an agency whose head reports directly to the.

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So now the government has provided the banks, big business, and all that,.

Making a vote choice by looking to the past: Voters support incumbents if they.The tendency of policy in the United States to change gradually, in small ways.Redrawing district boundaries after a state loses or gains seats in the House.A war fought primarily between professional armies to achieve specific political.

When a government intentionally spends more money than it takes.The alliance of defense contractors, the military, and some members of Congress.A high-ranking Justice Department official who submits requests for writs of.A government in which the people come together to vote on all important.The lure of a concrete benefit, usually money, that attracts people to join a.

A type of local government designed to meet a very specific need.A system of government with a very weak central government and strong.The document written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 that broke the colonies away.A list of words that describe the United States weather is: tropical,.

A document detailing how the federal government will spend money during a.Powers exercised simultaneously by the states and the federal.

Money given for a specific purpose that comes with restrictions concerning how.Laws passed by southern states that imposed inequality and segregation on.A good that benefits only some people, such as members of a group.A system of government in which power is shared by national and state.The freedom to do what one chooses as long as one does not harm or limit the.