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Serious flaws were discovered in plenty of studies in the UK and the U.S. that use rodents, according to a peer-reviewed study conducted in 2009.Monkeys, rabbits, cats, ferrets, pigs, sheep and chimpanzees are just some of the animals used for biomedical experiments, science education, and product and cosmetics testing.

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Over 25 million animals are used for experimentation in the U.S. every year.This poem is a reflection of what animals being tested on may feel physically and emotionally.Debates have roared in the medical fraternity related to animal research since ages.Imagine what would have happened if aspirin was completely taken off the pharmaceutical list.

Unfortunately, vivisection, or the practice of animal experimentation, is perfectly acceptable and legal.

The lives of human volunteers must not be endangered when testing medicines for side effects or potential toxicity.Medicinal Animal Experimentation: Pointless Cruelty or Necessary Evil.Selection bias was a major problem, but even with randomization and blinding technique used, proper selection of animals still failed.

There is also a lack of hypothesis or objective related to the study.Most people would say that it is unethical to use humans for invasive experimental procedures, especially when it can result in death.Despite what proponents insist, cell cultures in a petri dish, or in vitro (in glass) testing, are not exactly useless or insufficient.Opponents argue that there is really no evidence of its vital role in major medical advances.

Insulin, for example, was discovered through an experiment where dogs have their pancreases removed.Whether animal experimentation is good or bad really depends on who you are asking.

Evenso, the suffering sustained by the animals being tested on is cruel and inhumane.Scientific researchers use animals in biomedical and veterinary research aimed.The majority of the medical breakthroughs that have happened in the last 100 years were direct results from animal research and experimentation, according to the California Biomedical Research Association.Some medicines and products that are harmful to animals are actually valuable to humans.

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To illustrate, for every chicken used in research, an equivalent of 340 are used as food.Considering that animals cry and show discomfort, it is safe to conclude that they feel something.Were animal research to be banned, almost all medical advancement would halt because alternative methods are not yet advanced enough to work as accurately and quickly as animal testing.

But, if it is condone by society, then there must be some advantages to it, even if the benefits are at the expense of animal lives.Researchers review the pros and cons of co-sleeping with animals or children Date: June. who believes that more research should be done on human-animal co-sleeping.

References. Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing.Animal tests are very expensive and this is considered by some, mostly researchers on a strict budget, as a con.

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Over 85 vaccines for HIV worked well in primates, but failed in humans.

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From antibiotics and insulin to blood transfusions and treatments for cancer or HIV.In some cases, they can continue to study across several generations.The animal rights activists believe animals should never be used for research,. there are many pros and cons to animals testing for scientific research.A human body is extremely complex that cell cultures in a petri dish cannot provide sufficient test results or proof that a cure or product is effective.Humans and animals are also biologically similar, having the same set of organs, bloodstream and central nervous system, which is why they are affected with the same diseases and health conditions.

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A major criticism is that many medications or treatments tested on animals will not be used for humans.There would have been no way to lower the risk of organ transplant being rejected.

ANIMAL TESTING SHOULD BE BANNED Creatures may be being tortured and killed for the shampoo you.Medical research with animals is one. type of medical research, but other types include experiments with cells and chemicals and simulations on computers.

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Research facilities funded by the US Public Health Service (PHS) must comply with the policies on Human Care and Use of Laboratory Animals imposed by PHS.

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After all, they are below humans in the natural chain of things.

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