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Go to the discussion area and post your response to the following critical thinking question.

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First, choose one of the cabinet departments discussed in this section.Expert instructors break down tough concepts with easy-to-understand examples.

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As we discussed, there are many different interest groups that exist in the United States today.Include a list of at least 3 sources at the end of your paper.

Check out the Politics1 site, or other sites about the differen.Online tutoring in all levels of economics including high school.Online College Courses for High School Students: Course Overviews.

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After reading the introductory material, look at the small images at the bottom of the page.The United States is a democracy, with power resting in the hands of the people.Why did Madison believe that a large government would be more successful than a small governme.

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In this section, you have read about the creation of the Constitution.Check your mastery and build confidence with hundreds of practice questions for each course.It is asimple highschol course and i need someone who is really good at american gov and econ.they need to answer every assingment so i get a 100 on the whole thing.Economic Choice and Economic Decision Making, economics homework help.Write a paragraph response for each, explaining why you feel as you do.We know that 27 amendments have been added to the Constitution over the years.It is a section for any company to balance their semester often.

Online High School Guidance Counselor Courses and Classes Overview.Create your presentation, making sure to include a source list of at least three research sources, and subm.Many people view outsourcing as a major problem in America today.

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Pretend you are a British government official during the time leading up the Revolutionary War.Considering the key terms from this unit, what type or form of government would be best suited for you.

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