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Further, to have better understanding of the financial information, companies need to train their employees so that they can understand how their benefits and rewards are derived.

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The concept of human resource management was developed in the United States of America.Development: If the underlying condition is satisfied, it goes on to assess the specific contribution that the individual has given to achieve the result, but especially to the creation of conditions for achieving better results in the future.As different companies have different views of HR policies and its impact on employee motivation, therefore Interpretivism philosophy is deemed to be appropriate for present research.Keeping this transparency every group and every single person knows why the company has been good or bad and knows what their participation in the result was.In organization, employees come from varied background with different experience and skill set (Cohen and Gattiker, 1994).

According to Douglas McGregor, views of human beings can be differentiated into two parts.Newman, I. and Benz, C. R. (1998). Qualitative-Quantitative Research Methodology: Exploring the Interactive Continuum. SIU Press.It will aid researcher in understanding the views, beliefs and opinion of different professionals regarding the impact of HR polices on employee motivation.Prior permission or approval has been taken from company as well as from its employees who participated in research.A classic example is the production that has consumed too much material in a short time, increasing product costs and decreasing EBIT or maintenance that has failed to keep the plants as efficient as the target and this has caused increase in the cost of the product.

Thus, the main purpose of the work is to evaluate whether HR practices followed by the companies do have their impact on the employee motivation or not and whether or not GVS is practicing correct HR policies to keep its employees motivated.The last and final stage of a HR dissertation is the actual process of writing a HR dissertation.

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Buy Various High Quality Vietnamese Spring Roll Rice Paper Products.Researcher selects the sample as per his comfort and convenience (Merriam, 2009).GVS exploits this idea to make sure that the clarity of the business remains within the company in its evolution.

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This ensures that research has been carried out in systematic and logical manner which in turn aid in drawing valid and accurate conclusions.

It helps researcher in drawing accurate and valid conclusions without getting biased.

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In addition to this, they can evaluate the transparency in their rewards system through this study.For this reason, researcher is required to have adequate knowledge about various methods and tools so that correct methodology can be developed (Ethridge, 2004).The assigned objectives must be easy to interpret and should be easy to understand so as to decide whether you have achieved them or not, so that every single person in the group will always know at any time in the year if he will receives a bonus or not and what he needs to do to get it.If the individual worth of being promoted, then there is a grid of profitability to be achieved as a company under which it makes no sense to talk about incentive because if there is a common result, it makes no sense to encourage the individual service.

Thus, a pivotal success factor for companies adapting to these changes begins within, the need for a strategic Human Resource (HR) department.You are only allowed to use the essays published on these platforms for research purpose, and you should not reproduce the work.Further, none of the theory is fully applicable on any of the situation as all are based on certain assumptions.In addition to this, it is essential for the management to disclose all the information among the stakeholders.According to Interpretivism philosophy, world is too vast and complex to understand (Williams, 2007).

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Employees believe that the cultural difference of the various countries is certainly important.Research Approach: The current research is inductive in nature since the conclusion of the work is based on the premises.Passive people do not like to work and run away from the responsibilities.

Thus, it is essential for the companies to make the employees understand that contribution made by them in the company has been recognized and in return they are getting fair rewards.Variants of this system are essentially linked to the historical period of the company to be encouraged, so a reality in the start-up of results and grilles will have different goals than company already mature.It deals with management practices which concern with the human capital, that is, people or workers.However, most of these studies rely more on perceptions of the employees towards HRM (Bowen and Ostroff, 2004).Moreover, they also found that employees are very eager to know how pay and grading decisions are formulated and how rewarding schemes affects them.

In addition to this, it highlights the aim and objectives of the work and discusses purpose and significance of the study.

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In many of the research work it has been found that success of any company depends on the methods in which that company manages its workers.These changes are because of different culture and beliefs of the individuals.This theory is very useful in the business environment as management can determine the method through which it can motivate the employees (Pfeffer, 1998).

These factors are responsibility, growth, advancement, achievement, reorganization.THE ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ISSUE BRIEF AND ROADMAP REPORT FOR PREPARED BY: Coro Strandberg Principal, Strandberg Consulting.The opportunities of growth and development also come to a stop.The study recommends then a mixture of both strategies.Dulebohn, J. H. and Martocchio, J. J. (1998). Employee perceptions of the fairness of work group incentives pay plans.The key challenge in carrying out research study is collecting valid and unbiased data from primary sources.Unveil some good topics for human resource management thesis and write your human resource management thesis for PDF.