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Ohmae argues that the proper geographical entity that should be taken into consideration in the process of business decision making is region, which, according to the author, should have at least ten million people and be a part of a country (226).The substantial difference that companies should expect in the future is the mentioned above cultural diversity they should get ready to adapt to.

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In actuality, it is possible to develop projects, involving specialists that live and work in different parts of the world and, due to the contemporary communications, they can interact effectively in spite of their geographical location.

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In practice, this means that communications are strategically important and may play the key role in the international market expansion of a company, for instance, because, being deprived of effective communications, a company will more likely be doomed to failure.

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Different theories on the concept of globalization provide distinct reasons on the need for globalization.

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Colombo optimistically concludes that globalization will bring.

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Your term paper sample on The concept of globalization is essential to understand the patterns of economic, political and cultural change in the contemporary world.The geopolitical realities of globalization have bought both opportunities and risks into the lives of every American.Besides, check information on how to make a proper format for your Research Papers.

The globalization of business has long encouraged Harvard Business School (HBS) faculty to research international business practices and the effects of globalization.It is possible to name different factors that can influence economic development of regions, such as intellectual and educational potential, qualification and the cost of the regional labor force, natural resources, etc.The trend to regionalization will accompany the natural process of the decreasing of the significance of the nation states.In fact, the changes suggested by the researcher are extremely significant and can change the traditional view on economic and political development of the world completely.ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY - GLOBALIZATION Globalization refers to a set of processes that increase and make the parts of the world interdependently integrated.Globalization and technology are essential elements in providing new grounds for business transactions.One positive effect of globalization has been the domestication of certain plants and animals.

Cultural Globalization: Short Essay on Cultural Globalization.Basically, even nowadays it is possible to observe the shift to the growing role of these four dimensions that produce a significant impact on business decisions, while in the future their role may become determinant.At this point, it is necessary to underline that communications contribute to the more effective sharing of knowledge and information between different units of a company.

In actuality, there will be no need in the development of protectionist policy in terms of nation states because even nowadays fiscal barriers between countries disappear.In fact, he does not give some direct recommendations concerning the most effective ways of the development of business in the future, or the most effective management strategies he still give insight into the future of the process of globalization that will inevitably effect the strategic development of companies.

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Obviously, communications can provide a more effective system of control over the production process that is important for the maintenance of the high quality of products and services.In fact, the current integration of European nation states into the EU may be viewed as evidence of the decreasing role of states in the world politics and economy.Through these increases in trade and financial flows, countries have experienced increased level of economic growth over time that has contributed to the world standards of living.

This paper consists of fifteen pages and considers globalization and its effects through an assessment of advantages and disdadvan.

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For instance, companies based in well-developed countries can develop their business in developing countries where the qualification of the labor force is consistently lower.Consequently, such companies need to control the production process and communications are extremely helpful in this regard.Also there are guidelines how to write good essays, research papers, dissertations and other homework papers.

In this paper we pursue a preliminary investigation of the link between democratic politics and the stability of globalization in three steps.Globalization Essay 1116 words - 4 pages Globalization is an extremely controversial issue.