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That heightened sensation of pressure building up in your chest, to your blood coursing through your veins at top speed, is what drives extreme sport lovers.There is no specific vocabulary section in the IELTS test but you will need to understand and be able to use a large number of words to do well in.There is a large audience of sports fans who are willing to pay.In this modern world, sports can be as meaningful as a career for someone who is excellent in playing nationally or internationally.

Some people think that dangerous sports should be banned, while others think people should be free to choose.Sample IELTS essays using a 4 paragraph and 5 paragraph essay structure - with detailed advice on how to write them yourself according to the IELTS writing criteria.

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Nowadays the sports remunerations have been debated by many people.You seem to have the right idea, but try to use the vocabulary I gave you in the lesson above - this will help you to get a high score.In recent years, sports professional get higher salary than another jobs.For many people, it is attractive job but not everyone can do it.

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An introduction to IELTS academic writing task 1: question types and essay structure. (7 minutes) free. View. Wr1, lesson 2.In conclusion, it certain that other professional services like doctors and scientists has considerable contribution in society.

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We should value professionals such as nurses and teachers more highly.

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Study this sample of IELTS Writing Task 2 with corrections and explanations written by LELB students.Sportsmen and women must practice a lot to put the skill at their foot tip or at their finger tip. take Rooney a player in Manchester United football team who is spectacular, is suffering from extensive media scrutiny, constantly under spotlight, and he is one of the rare species in the field.Hence, he is a prominent example to benefit from the money he is generating.There are also some risks involved in sports such as injuries and long term health effects.I personally think, we are living in a capitalistic world governed by the laissez- faire attitude towards free-market. the law of demand and supply makes or breaks price.There is something about an extreme sport that attracts men and women to take that plunge and just go for it.

Consequently a feeling of discrimination would be escalated between people.Sports and games help in. 309 words short essay on the Importance of Sports and Games. to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay.I know simon cant comment or correct on our essays. others please correct mine.For example, in India cricket is hugely popular so companies are eager to sponsor cricketers.This means they might spend their free time, reading, watching T.V, or even doing sports that they like rather than watching others playing them.Also, if an engineer building a bridge provides a weak structural foundation, it might collapse and lead to the loss of human lives.In my last post I wrote about how to organize an answer for this Task 2 question: Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money.

On the one hand, it is not fair for professionals like engineers and doctors to earn less than athletes for many reasons.Firstly, everybody gets sick and requires medical assistance.People cannot live without a doctor and care less about people who make money by simply shooting or kicking a ball.One Response to Persuasive Essay- Final Draft (just need citations).Furthermore, they display some desirable traits such as competition and sportsmanship which is good for young people to follow.For example, no body can deny our reliance to the people who work in health sectors-thousands of lives are saved hourly by doctors and paramedics.Besides being a source of income, professional sportspeople also regarded as an entertainment for many, because people spend money to watch and enjoy sport events in their leisure time, especially those events included well known names or internationally important.Visit for the simplest and most effective IELTS.When look at this illustration it is clear that sportsperson are part of our community and they help society as much they can in many ways.Given that, the role of experts of other sectors such as health and education is incredibly vital in a society.

Due to constant media attention,sports professionals have become stars and celebrities and have paid hefty amount.However,i also agree that it is fully justified.

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Therefore, in my view, sports salaries should be compatible with the wages most people can earn.Many people aspire to play in a professional field but only few are chosen.These days, turning into a great player relies on upon having a great agent in.

To conclude, athletes who earn high salaries play an important role in improving the image of their countries.For example, a professional basketball player earns more money than professionals who are very vital to the community such as doctors, nurses and engineers.

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In conclusion, we should have to accommodate the world of both, because when there are good number of professional players they create job and become a good ambassador of their country like David Becham.In my opinion, equally payment to the exceptionally well-done job can guarantee the harmonious development of a society.

Salaries paid for various professions are differ from each other by amount.There are different views among people regarding sport salaries earn by athletes rather than other professionals.To my point of view,It is unreasonable to donate enormous salaries for sport persons.Next story IELTS Essay: Technological innovations have affected our lives.Athletes commonly use performance enhancing drugs to boost endurance, strength,.At the same time, engaging in extreme sports is stress released by your adrenal glands.