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Egypt is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Middle East and.For example, Mexico has world renowned beaches and resorts, such as Cancun or Los Cabos.


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The model used in the elaboration of this paper is a demand model, and for this reasons takes in account prices and income.

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We may infer that is because of the difficulties that are represented by the development of a production function for this service oriented industry (although it is possible to estimate).

Mexico, being one of the top tourist destinations in the world has seen this growth first hand, and seemingly has also done very well in this respect.DETERMINANTS OF DEMAND The determinants of individual demand of a particular good, service or. commodity refer to all the factors.

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EFFECTS OF ADVERTISING ON TOURISM DEMAND: AN ECONOMETRIC STUDY1. promotional variables may well be significant determinants of tourism demand.Determinants of international tourism: a three-dimensional panel data analysis. on tourism demand.

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Determinants of Demand for International Tourist Flow to Turkey.Tourism has long been considered a viable option for growth in many less Developed nations.

Tourism industry has been an important contributor to the Egyptian economy.In Mexico, the tourism industry directly provides around 8% of the GDP, and leaves even more through spillover effects.We try to find the determinants of income growth in the tourism sector for Mexico.With all this and more Mexico has much to offer for international tourists.

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Determinants of demand for international tourist flows to

Determinants of Tourism Demand. analyzed in the empirical literature as economic drivers of tourism demand are.

It has been widely accepted that tourism is a low investment, high return industry making its profitability extremely high.The treatment of this model assumes that the measuring of foreign tourism revenues can be put into a model consistent with a model for export demand set forth in other work.The model we are proposing is based on a typical model described by Muscatelli, Stevenson and Montagna, (1995), who establish an equation for Volume of Exports as a function of a price vector (that includes domestic and foreign prices) and a variable that captures the world demand conditions.

Abstract The paper estimates the impact of macroeconomic supply- and demand-side determinants of tourism,.It also has many colonial cities, which mix a classic Spanish-European type architecture with an indigenous touch.These studies apply a fairly standard demand model to identify the determinants of travel. (2005) studied the determinants of tourism in 43 African countries.Determinants of Demand andDeterminants of Demand and Supply in TourismSupply in Tourism.

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