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World-renowned researchers are using fundamental research in the pursuit of landmark discoveries to save lives through the prevention, early detection and treatment.

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It must however be stressed that the anti-virus software should be updated regularly.Infection by any one of these can have serious consequences.When computer crashes happens more frequently and restarts every few minutes.One is the inconvenience and annoyance computer viruses may cause in case the virus replicates itself so much that it consumes so many space in the hard disk.

In 2000, the world realized the impact a computer virus can cause.Infections spread from one computer to another in a number of ways.Germs, bacteria and diseases Research paper presentation Germs Then the first section of my writing part in.

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The report will also include the common computer viruses, the different types of computer viruses, the reasons why computer viruses can be destructive and the different ways by which computer users can protect themselves against viruses, worms and Trojan horses.For instance, in 1999, the FBI warned the public against a virus known as the Worm.Explore.Zip which even affected the computers of Microsoft, Compaq and Computer and General Electric. (Steven L.A macro virus is a set of code or instructions within a data file that can be used to automate tasks.

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Enjoy proficient essay writing and custom writing services provided by professional academic writers.The worm sent may then send a copy of itself to every person who is listed in the address book of the person who receives the email.Users of computers often experience failure to access the files infected by virus.Today millions of dollars are being spent to rid and protect computer systems from these virus programs.

But once the computer user runs or opens the malicious program the computer may become infected.Read the latest medical research on virology, from herpes virus to ebola virus and more.Infections spread from machine to machine, and from organization to organization, in a number of ways.The common source of this virus are the adult web sites which allow its users to download films, infected e-mail attachments or through file sharing.

The transfer of virus will continue until the computer virus is detected.It can cause a student to flunk his subject or cripple the operations of a business organization.According to Eyad Al-Hazmi citing Computer Economics (2007), below is the data on the financial impact on malware attacks from 1997 to 2006.Many computer programs that are traded were copied illegally.Once infected the PC shall display a message on the screen advertising the name of the two Pakistani brothers and their phone numbers so that those whose IBM PCs have been infected can contact them to obtain a vaccination.If you switch from one program to another without shutting down the machine, the virus will attach itself to the new program.

At this moment, the virus is also loaded into the memory of the computer.Amjad and Basd Farooq Alvi created the virus supposedly for the purpose of infecting the IBM PCs.However, there are also other means by which a computer virus may spread.Once a user opens the file a virus is released that enters the computer hard drive and destroys the contents of the documents, spreadsheets and important files.

It is capable of modifying the files names and installing various files on the infected machine.Whether you are a teacher or a student, this list of 101 research topics should be extremely helpful.The first is the Boot sector virus which is a virus that resides in a portion of a computer drive that is read when the computer is booted up.It is also capable of creating a backdoor on the computer that can grant access to malicious users which may give them opportunity to open or copy confidential or personal information.

This is done by duplicating the malicious programs and code and applying it to other executable applications on the computer.

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Due precaution must therefore be taken so that the personal computers may be protected against these harmful viruses.

Browse through the directory of free Anti Virus publications.Another common way of spreading viruses is through e-mail attachments.When the person boots the removable flash drive in another personal computer it will trigger the spread of the virus from the removable flash drive to the personal computer.

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Research Papers on Computer Viruses Computer Viruses is a program file capable of reproducing its own special code and attaching that code to other files without the.The most common way of spreading computer viruses is via the Internet.Bacteria and viruses cause many of the diseases we are familiar.

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It can range from not really doing anything, to slowing computer response, to emailing everyone you know, to sending your data files to people you know and do not know, to outright destroying of data.