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There are a number of harmful gases such as Sulphur dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide which are released every day in the world from various industrial processes.Cause and explain ex causes and trees, they run on the effects of this through our essays.

For example the oil spill by BP caused a lot of damage to both aquatic and terrestrial life.ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION: ITS EFFECTS ON. the affects of environment pollution in the perspective of air pollution,. 2009). Air pollution in cities causes a.

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The traffic-pollution causes affliction and. equity effects,.A gas like Nitrogen Dioxide is a major contributor and component that creates smog, which of late has been in most industrialized cities in the world.

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Cities with large numbers of factories or those that use great quantities of coal often suffer most severely from problems of air pollution.

Causes, Effects and Solution of Water Polution. Effects and Solution of Water Polution. (as seen above in causes).

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There are several effects of air pollution on human lives or wildlife.Human activity is a major cause of air pollution,. when added to the air, can have a natural warming effect and can also be a health hazard for living creatures.

Some argue that the process of making cars as well as driving the cars on the roads is a major contributing factor to global warming due to the carbon emission that is involved in these two processes.In human beings the gasses may cause eye problems in people who work or live in areas where the gases are released.Such chemicals are dangerous to the living organism in the water.

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Causes and Effects of Pollution. this is one of the main causes of air.

The effects it has are mainly on human life and animal life because they all depend on air for survival and for important biological processes.

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Air Pollution Essays:. presents the causes and effects of air pollution. might adapt and be able to breathe polluted air but it more then likely will.

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Such chemicals in humans may cause various conditions including liver and kidney problems.These gasses have adverse effects on animal life as well as plants.

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The metal working industry is partially responsible for the emissions of sulphur dioxide and large amounts of toxic dust.You may have read about this over again as air pollution effects is a common topic in writing essay.The Pollution Problems Causes and Effects In my essay, I explore the causes of pollution and its effects on the planet. The true.

This leads to an increase in the number of respiratory related problems.This option gives you the immediate access to all 184 988 essays.Global warming has been one the major issues in the world today.Soil pollution mainly leads to the death of plants and the reduction of the agricultural viability of soil.

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Use of aerosol sprays and the likes also contribute to air pollution.Studies have shown signs of black lung disease in dolphins of.Other stratospheric research is concerned with the downward trends in global ozone that have recently been measured over populated regions in the mid altitudes.


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For example, fuels: essay will discuss environmental pollution caused.Other diseases for example cholera and diarrhea are a direct effect of ingesting contaminated water.