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Audio Helmet: A helmet wired with speakers that allows you to listen to music while skiing.Halfpipe: A U-shaped channel with smooth walls used by freestyle skiers and snowboarders for aerial tricks.

A key extra whenever you are caught riding a lift in fierce, driving wind or snow.All-Mountain Ski: A large percentage of Alpine skis fall into this category.

Blue Square: Intermediate trail denoted on trail maps and signs by a blue square.The skier is pulled behind a powerboat via a ski rope, zipping.

Monoski: A type of ski with both boots attached to a single board.

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Factory footbeds are typically designed to be replaced, as no two feet are alike.

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Cant: The lateral angle of the boot in relation to the ski or snowboard.Find schedules of events, venue information, history, terminology, and links to official federations.Along with cross-country, common forms of Nordic skiing include Telemark Skiing and ski jumping.Many water ski injuries result from collisions with docks or other solid objects.Simple Beginner How to Articles for Waterskiing and Wakeboarding.Typically cross-country skiing is done on flat ground as opposed to riding a lift to access downhill skiing.Hand signals are the critical language of water-skiing, wakeboarding, and other boat-towed sports.

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Bomber: Slang term for a skier or snowboarder flying down a slope in an out of control fashion.The act of being so thoroughly drunk that you piss yourself at the bar with your legs apart, while holding onto the handrail along the side.Ski-in: Accommodation that can be reached from the ski area via skis or snowboard.

Knowing the lingo when around boat-towed sports such as waterskiing and wakeboarding helps with communication and safety.Skiing with detached heels allows for traversing across flat ground but telemark skis are also wide enough to handle high speeds and sharp turns.

Typically made with high-end plastics for both flexibility and strength.The more pressure applied, the greater amount of reverse camber created, thus loading the skis or snowboard with more energy for turning.Bowl: A large mountain basin, characteristically free of trees and tailor-made for great swooping turns or steep, speedy dives.

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Berm: A term for a snowbank, often used to provide stability on the outside of a turn.Water skis are made of wood, aluminum, fibreglass, or other materials.ABS Sidewall: Industry term for a type of edge construction on skis and snowboards using high quality ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic.Excessive chatter reduces contact between the ski and the snow and the ability to stay in total control.

Crust: Refers to a frozen layer either covering softer snow or buried under a fresh dusting of snow.Tracked Out: Slang term for a slope of once fresh snow that has been ridden over repeatedly.Rail: A bar, typically metal, built to be slid up by skiers and snowboarders.Water skiers can start their ski set in one of two ways: wet is the most common, but dry is possible.Powder: Fresh, dry and lightweight snow that for many is the Holy Grail of skiing and snowboarding.

An typical case of delamination occurs with the molded layers on a ski and snowboard separating.

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Getting maximum lift is key to cashing in on the speed generated from a strong cut.

This is skiing and snowboarding at your own risk, thus the backcountry is a place for knowledgeable experts only.Modern advancements, however, have seen twin tip shapes appear more often in big mountain skis, as they shape handles smoothly in powder conditions.Buy the mug 3 Waterskiing unknown When your fingers skim the water in the toilet bowl while you are wiping your ass.Despite his death, the family are still very active in the water-ski racing community.