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The Cliffordian suspends judgment because he would rather miss out on the truth than risk being wrong.

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When a commission is formed to investigate the matter, it emerges that that the accusations were based on insufficient evidence and that this insufficiency would have been clear if anyone had bothered to check.ALVIN PLANTINGA CALVIN COLLFGE Many philosophers have urged the evidentialist objection to theistic.

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If I offer you the option of whether to jump around like a rabbit or quack like a duck, you can easily decline the offer.

Thank you so much essay lodge for thinking, caring and catering true needs of students in true and rightful manner.But even the most ordinary person is in a position to affect what others do.

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Man has an in born need to believe and trust in a higher power.

And yet how one strikes the balance is not settled by reason but rather by what might be called temperament or character.

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James is careful to exempt cases in which the question can be decided on intellectual grounds.

But he manages to push them out of his mind, placing his trust in Providence and the wisdom of the ship builders and concluding in the end that the ship will certainly make it through safely.We call anything that is proposed for our belief an hypothesis, and any question about which of two hypotheses to accept an option.The witness of the Holy Spirit provides Christians with proper grounding for belief in God.

Clifford asks a moral question: Is it ever morally permissible to believe a proposition on insufficient evidence.James holds that when it comes to morality, and more generally to questions about what is most important or most worth pursuing in life, we find ourselves with options that are live, forced, and momentous and which cannot be settled on intellectual grounds.

Normal human beings strike some sort of balance between the concern for truth and the avoidance of error.We believe our success is due to countless of satisfied customers who continue to trust us and cherish this professional relationship.An association is formed to agitate against this, and its members find themselves making loud and damning public accusations against these professors.

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If you believe, you will launch the revolution which promises great benefits but risks great costs.A Personal Belief In God Religion Essay This essay has been submitted by a student.On the other hand, if you were concerned only to shun error, you would believe nothing.So we have a firm and overriding moral responsibility not to let our passions our prejudices or our wishes interfere with the rational assessment of evidence.He has a diagnosis of the sort of character type that resists belief in God.You are the leader of a revolution against a tyrannical government, and you know that you must believe that you will succeed in order to succeed, but also that if you fail the consequences will be dreadful not just for you, but for your followers.

It is interesting that James never really considers the sort of case that is most important for Clifford, a case in which the well being of other people depends on what you choose to believe.

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