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BIO 499B usually involves research activity, and BIO 499C usually involves completing the planned research activity, writing the thesis, responding to revisions requested by the faculty adviser and committee members, and preparing the final document for submission to the Honors Program.ISAT 499A - HONORS THESIS course and professor ratings at James Madison (JMU).By working in close relation with one or more experienced faculty members, students are also exposed to the collaborative nature of research activity, which is vital to doing innovative and productive science.

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ACTG 499B - HONORS THESIS class wall and course overview (exams, quizzes, flashcards, and videos) at James Madison (JMU).Students wishing to change advisors for whatever reason are recommended to consult the Biology Department Honors Liaison person.The faculty advisor and committee members are also required to determine whether an honors project meets the Honors milestone and the student is entitled to graduate With Distinction.

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A large number of students at JMU have realized the valuable.JMURJ is published under the auspices of the JMU Honors Program.Non Honors students, including transfer students, who wish to do a Honors thesis project must first meet the requirements for entry into the Honors program, which are a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and sufficient evidence of initiative, originality and intellectual maturity to warrant registration in a Honors thesis project.Honors Thesis: Her project is. ughout her time at JMU, the Honors College has played an influential role in her studies and career aspirations.The Thesis involves conducting research under the direct supervision of a faculty member.

The Honors Thesis is a written manuscript that presents a piece of original scholarship conducted under the guidance of a faculty mentor.This three-credit course is typically taken in the fall of the senior year.A fully revised version in PDF format must be received and approved by the faculty advisor and committee members before submission.Given the time-sensitive nature of much biology research, the scheduling of research training and activity over the course of BIO 499A, 499B and 499C is flexible.You should submit your Honors research proposal during the Spring semester of your junior year,.

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The introduction should finish by explicitly stating the hypothesis or question being addressed (or the objectives of the research), and if appropriate, providing predictions of objectives or tests.

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The best way to do this is to review the webpage listings of Biology and Biotechnology professors and their research projects, find several doing interesting research, and contact them by email to see if they have space in their labs and are willing to support a thesis student.Before and during the first committee meeting, the faculty advisor, committee members and student develop a research project that can be done within the scope of three two-credit courses and work out a mutually acceptable timeline for carrying out the research training, library research, proposal writing, and research activity required to complete the project.

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JMU-Eid: Type the first six. an Honors Thesis, Masters Thesis, or Dissertation, and select your college. (Failure.

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Thesis writing also requires more emphasis on explaining how the science is done and why, and why it might not have worked, again for the reason that being able to think through and articulate these ideas is a goal of the Honors educational experience.A second important purpose of each meeting after the first is for the advisor and committee members to decide whether the student is making sufficient progress to allow their continuation in an Honors project.For most Honors students...

This section should also provide details on data analysis, including statistical tests.Please use forms downloaded from as out-of-date forms will not be accepted.James Madison University will now be home to an Honors College, following approval by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.The Senior Capstone Experience is a mentored project that combines disciplinary expertise and creative expression.I received the Global Studies Hillcrest Scholarship, but there are others for entrepreneurship, the arts.

Once accepted, students are accorded all privileges of being an Honors student.It begins what is typically, but not necessarily, a three-credit course sequence.

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MATH 499C - HONORS THESIS course and professor ratings at James Madison (JMU).Students should be aware of the drop deadline for CSD499-1, the first course in the honors sequence.The proposal submitted with the application for College Honors should be concise, clearly written and thoughtful.

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The Honors Program is growing, and twice as many people want in.Undergraduate Research Assistant at James Madison University.JMU defines engaged learning as developing deep, purposeful and reflective learning, while uniting campus and community in the pursuit, creation, application and.The timeline should outline when major aspects of the research will be accomplished and when writing will commence.The student is also required to submit the final thesis online by the November or April deadline specified on the Honors program calendar (see ).If a student plans to submit the thesis after the Honors program deadline (see ), the faculty advisor must inform the Program Director directly of this intention and provide a reason and a projected submission date.

Once a student has found a faculty advisor, the faculty and student must agree upon and invite two faculty members to serve as committee members.At the beginning of their junior year or earlier, students must go the Honors Program website to obtain an application form ( ), a copy of the Senior Honors Project Handbook ( ) and the dates of scheduled Honors project orientation meetings ( ).Aaron Kellerman, JMU Honors Thesis, April 1998 (Primary Advisor).Students are discouraged from taking BIO 499 courses as eight-week block courses since it requires double the weekly time commitment (see below).Students are required to complete and submit a thesis proposal with the following sections: Introduction, Methods, Timeline, and References.

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However, a proposal produced in a BIO 496 course still requires the approval of the committee members who, if selected after the completion of the BIO 496, might ask the proposal to be revised to meet their requirements.